Exercises during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy

A lot of people think that exercising during pregnancy is dangerous for the baby, but it is NOT. Studies show that doing workouts during pregnancy can help the expecting mothers to adapt to bodily changes and weight gain. It will also help them during their labor and getting back into their shape after birth.

Which exercises are safe during pregnancy?

If you have not done any physical activities or exercises before pregnancy, avoid doing strenuous activities now. Start with light exercises for about 15-30 minutes a day such as : 

  1. Walking
  2. Yoga & Pilates
  3. Dancing
  4. Swimming
  5. Light aerobics
  6. Strength Training
exercise for pregnant women - birthing ball

Which exercises to avoid during pregnancy?

As a general rule, do not over exhaust yourself. You must be able to hold a conversation during a workout when pregnant. If you become breathless, you must slow down as you are possibly doing much. Strictly avoid these exercises which can harm you or your baby:

  1. Skating, Horse riding, off-road cycling or any activity which has a risk of falling.
  2. Basketball, hockey, soccer or any activity which has a risk of hitting your belly.
  3. Skydiving, or scuba diving or any activity which involves pressure & decompression.

Exercises in pregnancy for back pain?

As the baby gets bigger inside the womb, it is most likely to experience back aches so core strengthening is a must especially abdominal workouts to help ease back pain. Kegel’s exercises also known as pelvic floor exercises are important as well as it prevents urinary or stress incontinence which is a common condition that occurs after childbirth.

If any doubt, consult your doctor for further advise especially when pregnancy progresses.

It is also best to seek help from a certified pre-natal/post-natal personal trainer if you are not sure on how to get started. 

By: Covie Quintos, PTRP, REPS Certified PT, EBBF Sports Trainer

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